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Where to Eat Poke in San Diego

Little Italy Food Hall’s pan-global seafood concept puts a fresh spin on raw goods

While Little Italy Food Hall’s Single Fin Kitchen doesn’t serve a traditional Hawaiian poke bowl, it does serve donburi bowls, which should satisfy any fish and rice in a bowl cravings. On any given day an order might be interrupted with fisherman trotting up to deliver his or her freshest catch, which should give customers an indication of just how well they’re sourcing their fish...

by Jackie Bryant  | Sandiego Eater  Nov 28, 2018, 2:15pm PST

Rapid Review: Single Fin Kitchen

Little Italy Food Hall’s pan-global seafood concept puts a fresh spin on raw goods

It’s a Tuesday, and the Little Italy Food Hall is lousy with people. The boom town needed this—an effluvial fan where the overflow of humans could decamp, gather, grab quick bites...

by Troy Johnson | San Diego Magazine  2018.10.04 05:17 PM 
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Single Fin Kitchen in Atlas Market food court - Poway, CA

A little change in the norm can be a pleasant discovery when it comes to food. The traditional Donburi (Japanese rice bowl dish) with fresh seafood and unique vegetables...

by Lynn | Oh So Yummy Monday, June 18, 2018 7:23 PM

Stop eating poke bowls. Choose donburi instead, at the new Little Italy Food Hall

After years of construction, Little Italy’s pedestrian-friendly Piazza Della Famiglia has opened, and the ten-thousand square foot, Euro-styled plaza has proven an ideal venue for the neighborhood’s Saturday farmers market...

by Ian Anderson | San Diego Reader 7/20/2018
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Single Fin Kitchen features fresh and local Japanese food

Single Fin Kitchen offers local fish with global flavors.

The restaurant, in the new food court of Atlas Market, 14837 Pomerado Road, features freshly-made Japanese food, made with locally-caught seafood...

by Emily Sorensen |Union Tribune San Diego April 20, 2018 9:40 PM
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