Throughout his travels and culinary immersion, Chef Quindere was exposed early and often to the Japanese culinary influences.

Along with his career path, Chef Quindere had opportunities to work with highly regarded chefs including celebrity Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, and Michelin-starred Chef Jeff Ramsey.

Chef Quindere spent time in Lima, Peru studying the artistry behind ceviche at Gastrotuor culinary school.

He has a keen eye for classic technique, yet an innovative and aggressive approach to introducing the next unique experience to you.

Why Donburi?

"Japanese Cuisine and seafood is my passion, and where much of my experience lies. After spending time in Japan, and trying all kinds of food, I saw how simple and elegant Donburi was yet an amazing way to eat seafood.

By bringing it to San Diego, I'm able to pair the simplicity of the Japanese cuisine with our local and responsibly sourced seafood to provide San Diegans with a unique culinary experience with a conscious effort."