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    Single Fin Kitchen - Poway


    Inside Atlas Market
    14837 Pomerado Rd, Poway, CA 92064


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  • Local Catch - Global Flavor

    Albacore Al Pastore Donburi Sushi


    A traditional Japanese Donburi is defined as a “rice bowl” consisting of fish, meat, vegetables or other ingredients served over rice.

    At Single Fin, Chef Quindere brings his favorite global influences to the traditional Donburi and expands it to a greater dimension. Using local seafood and vegetables, and combining them with vibrant flavors, our take on Donburi is an experience worth traveling to.

    Salmon 360 Donburi Sushi

    What Makes Single Fin Kitchen?

    Single Fin's secret is apparent in every bite. Each ingredient and every portion matter: our relationship with our fisherman is personal; our rice is uniquely flavored, and our ingredients are local. We are ecologically responsible and neighborhood approved. Shibui is a Japanese word that describes elegant simplicity and shibui is at the core of Single Fin's culinary repertoire.

    A culinary experience with a conscience effort, Single Fin Kitchen is more than a rice bowl. Come taste the difference.

  • Chef Quindere

    Brazilian-American Chef Quindere is the Co-founder and Executive Chef of Single Fin Kitchen.

    Chef Quindere Single Fin Kitchen


    Throughout his travels and culinary immersion, Chef Quindere was exposed early and often to the Japanese culinary influences.

    Along with his career path, Chef Quindere had opportunities to work with highly regarded chefs including celebrity Chef Alan Wong, Nobu Matsuhisa, and Michelin-starred Chef Jeff Ramsey.

    Chef Quindere spent time in Peru studying the artistry behind ceviche at Gastrotuor culinary school.

    He has a keen eye for classic technique, yet an innovative and aggressive approach to introducing the next Donburi to you.

    Chef Quindere Single Fin Kitchen

    Why Donburi?

    Japanese Cuisine and seafood is my background. I love the respect and simplicity of the Japanese culture. After spending some time in Japan and trying all kind of foods, I saw how simple and elegant Donburi was but still an amazing way of eating seafood on seasoned rice. I decided to bring it back to San Diego and utilized the local and responsibly sourced seafood we have here!

  • Menu


    Spinach Gomae

    Garlic Edamame

    Sea Salted Shishito Peppers


    Tuna Gochujang - spicy tuna, shiso leaves, avocado

    Hamachi - yellowtail tartar, myoga, shio konbu, yuzu

    Al Pastor - albacore, grilled pineapple, cilantro, jalapeno

    Ceviche - white fish, aji amarillo, mango, jalapeno

    Salmon 360 - ikura, sashimi, salmon skin, katsuobushi

    Donburi Bowls

    Single Fin Don - a selection of sashimi with extra aloha from our Chef; shiso fumi rice

    Salmon 360 - aburi sashimi belly, salmon skin, sake marinated ikura; salmon furikake rice

    Albacore “Al Pastor” - 8-hour achiote marinated seared albacore sashimi; green herb rice

    Tuna 3 - Baja California tuna prepared three unique ways; furikake rice

    Hamachi - yellowtail tartare, sashimi & crispy skin; shiso fumi rice

    Surf Bowl (+$3) - steamed San Diego lobster, blue crab; tamago furikake rice

    South Of Equator Ceviche - daily Chef selection of fish, Peruvian aji amarillo; corn dust rice

    From the Earth - a variety of local raw & pickled vegetables; aonori rice.


    Matcha LOVE Green Tea

    Organic Kombucha

    San Pellegrino

    Spicy Ginger Brew

  • Career


    We are always in the search for enthusiastic individuals who are looking to work in a restaurant industry.


    If you feel that you would like to become part of our team, please drop a line to team@singlefin.kitchen.

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